Christmas on the Rez (Part 1)

On December 13, 2014 we took off in our pick-up truck with loaves of homemade bread and tins of candy for various areas on both the Hopi and Navajo Nations. We prayed that morning that we would be led only by Spirit. We knew some people we would like to see but we wanted to go where God led.

We decided to start in Chinle. A favorite place for us in the Navajo Nation. We would eat at one of the local restaurants and then head towards Burnt Corn near Pinon. We had happy hearts as we looked around at our brothers and sisters in the restaurant. As we finished eating, we looked out the large windows and noticed a small, old pick-up rolling from its parking spot. A young man was chasing it and apparently trying to get into the drivers seat. Other people were running to help. Derek said calmly, “I think that is going to hit our truck.” And indeed it did!

We got up to pay at the register. The young woman said, “I hope that wasn’t your truck that just got hit.”

Derek laughed and replied that it was ours. The woman couldn’t believe we weren’t angry! The Spirit of the Lord had us so filled with joy that we just wanted to see if everyone else was ok.

In the parking lot, the truck had been pushed back into the spot. An elderly couple, visually shaken, were sitting in the truck. The truck hadn’t been in gear when they got out and locked the doors! Their son ran over to stop it but couldn’t get in the cab. He tried brute strength to keep it from ramming into our truck but…well we know the result. Now the poor couple sat worrying and fretting.

Derek talked with the son and assured him there was no damage to our vehicle. Even our dog who was waiting inside seemed unphased. Derek went over and comforted the couple, even hugging the woman! We gathered bread and candy to passs out and told them how the Lord had sent us that day. Laughter and smiles were the scene the folks inside observed now. 

We went on our way amazed by the first encounter that we certainly hadn’t planned on. Who would God bring next?

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2 Responses to Christmas on the Rez (Part 1)

  1. Blessings Derek. Thank you for keeping me on your list. God is good, and his joy is forever more. Loved the story and your heart reaction. Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Wendi says:

    Awesome story!! Amazing to almost feel the stress and worry coming from the couple in the cabin, and the son who tried so hard to prevent the small accident. Thankfully no one was hurt, and all emotions were saved by you with hugs, bread, and candy. And the Great One who led you to this “scene”…. Wendi

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