I’m hungry and I want to go home

We just didn’t feel like a church service inside a building that day. We woke up that Sunday and said, “Where does God want us to go?” We agreed…Shiprock! Honestly, we both thought we would drive around and pray for the city. But then we saw him. A man sitting alone, head down, spirit downcast. Derek jumped out and asked if there was anything he needed. A bottle of water? A pair of socks loaded with stuff for homeless? Prayer? He chose all three.

We sat with him as he drank his water. He explained he was just let out of the detention center. He had to leave his money at the jail and he was hungry. They don’t feed the over-nighters. Inmates are released in the early morning, hung over, dehydrated and hungry. As we began to pray with him, tears streamed down his face. He kept saying two phrases over and over…”I’m hungry” and “I want to go home.”

Derek began to pray about this young man being a son of a King. The sobbing started. Derek talked about purpose and destiny. The man cried out in prayer, “Father, I am your son!” He re-dedicated himself to the Lord. We took him to Taco Bell. He really was hungry!

As we sat and ate, we learned he had fallen off the wagon after 11 months of sobriety. A fight with his “woman” triggered him to walk 35 miles to Shiprock drinking all the way. He found himself sleeping in fields and getting “rolled” (stuff stolen and beat up) by other homeless men. Then jail.

He kept saying he wanted to go home. I wanted him to go home too. A couple of months before this I had a vision in the Spirit. I saw many men walking drunken, disheveled and almost zombies away from the Navajo Nation. In the vision I saw Light hit the nation. Suddenly these men woke up! They turned around and started home as whole human beings. Yes, we needed to get him home. 

I threw the idea out to see how Derek would react. Remember home was 35 miles away! We were already 20 miles from our home the opposite way! Derek was on board. We were taking him home. Along the way we visited like old friends. The man grew happier and happier. We dropped him at his lovely cabin at the base of mountains on the reservation. A call to his wife gave the promise of reconciliation. Numbers were exchanged and a blessing of prayer given. 

We sure loved church that day!


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